Shoe Prototype

Today is my first blog that i would like to address. i have worked alongside with my group team where one person was involved in our construction of a shoe design prototype. We had materials where we created our shoes. I also attached photos where we had to look at different shoes and styles where we calibrated our ideas in creating our Shoe Prototype. It was a interesting lecture because we all had to show it afterwards and present it to the class and i never done this before. I have also saw different types of shoes students was wearing where most of them wear unique and holds a personae with individual students.  I usually where sport shoes because they are comfortable. It all depends on the use of the shoes is the way i see myself wearing in different days or events being held. Today’s experience was fun and creative. In my present experience i did not have the knowledge to create shoes so i think it was interesting i tried. As you can see in the images below we used different arts and crafts materials to perform to make this happen. We also used different colors where i thought it would make it stand out more and make it look colorful. How this connects to me is that creating a product at first stages could look like something like this. In the other images below where it shows other class teammates shoes, where i took a picture of each styles of shoes and i then conducted my research into thinking of my own product in early design phase.



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