Value Proposition Canvas

Today we have learned to take more commitments and being more judgmental meaning we have a product where its a 3 in 1 cup but having second thoughts and going through the value proposition canvas we did not have the answers for the needs and wants, fears for the customer. We did point a few needs or fears etc but its not really a direct problem or need.

We have spoken to Richard regarding changing our product and he agreed. We are still working on the 3 in 1 cup because Richard advised us to also pursue it and then narrow it done after we come up with another design plan. My group members George, and Zako where it was only us at class today and we came up with another viable product and a good solution to it. The idea we came up with is called ”ChopStick Plus” the name is still under construction because its a new design in thinking.

*This chopstick plus will be encouraging peoples traditions to actually try it.

*Not everyone can use chopstick this can lead to less embarrassment using chopstick plus.

*Environmental friendly because the material we are using

*It will have one side of the chopstick as a fork and the other as a chopstick.

Chinese food and foreign food is very popular in the market so i thinks its a very good market to blend in with. People do want to learn new things or getting involved in a different environment. Today’s class was very important for me because i learned how to brainstorm more better with the team and support i had. We have introduced a chopstick where people can follow the culture. We are in the process where we are designing the shape of the product.


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