Journey Canvas preparation

Hello #Mace16 and everyone else! keeping track on journey canvas, Our group is a good group in my views because we all think different and can put all of our ideas to the table. Our agenda for today was we brain stormed a way to gather information to add on platforms to a social media such as

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Snapchat- very useful from our lecturer Richard taught us how its a rapid growth of communication beating rivals such as Facebook ,Instagram etc.

Word of mouth is really important for a business to be running good, thats one of the main important strategy to have in a business concept.Without word of mouth people do not know what your selling or they would not know whats it for. Our chopsticks are affordable and all people can use them.

  1. for people who does not how to use is chopsticks.
  2. environmental friendly- using recycled wood.
  3. bringing cultures together
  4. embracing other cultures

Ideas saught: Having food trucks and sell our products outside oriental cuisines where we were thinking as a team and asking our lecturer if its suitable as a marketing scheme and he agreed.I learned a way to ‘Think outside the box’ in today’s group work initiation

In the 1970s, Meredith Belbin and colleagues at the Henley Management College identified nine team roles, based on long-term psychometric tests and studies of business teams. Belbin defined team roles as “a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way”. The resulting role definitions fall into three categories, each with strengths and allowable weaknesses, and have been used widely in practice for team development in the intervening decades. (Belbin theory).

I prefer colleagues in #Mace16 who is conducting research and design thinking i would prefer to go check the references below where it helps you on the principals in building a research team. Where i am going with this is that information is power. The more right information and data you learn and use the more knowledge you will give in contribution to the team. We are coming into terms if our product is feasible, stay tuned for the next blog to find out!







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