Dragens Den Pitch Control!

Today was a very interesting day, i was first a little worried and hesistated to prepare for my script because we were rehearsing so many times to make it better. Overall i honestly enjoyed and loved everything we have done today. My professors had everything organised so prosistent and professional i actually thought i was one of the contestants from dragons den. I have actually learned alot from todays lecture because it was not only a lecture but a big event.

We had people today from all over the world and different backgrounds but that does not matter, we was all connected and have the same interest in life. We had 4 dragons den ( investors) who we “thought’ as investors for our business with the group. We had 5 minutes to talk about our products, i covered the part where i mentioned about alternatives and competitors where i say

Have you ever seen user friendly chopsticks?

Our competitors are different then chop-plus because we offer a customized chopstick that allows the users to enjoy the cuisine the same as everyone else.
An alternative of chock stick plus is a company called ‘’absorbent minds montessori’’ it’s the same concept whoever ours is adult friendly, and is more easier to use.

At the end of the conclusion i added more information in words to the dragons and they gave us our thoughts and conclusions. It was a very good experience today because i learned from both sides of the angle into being a entrpeneuer or a dragon. I mention dragon because at the end of the presentations we got feedback from them and they give us there opinions and gestures where i appreciated that. As a student we do not look behind the doors to much but the way i saw today, coordinating alot of people where they was interested in what we had to offer and they took their time was another thing.

My groupmates worked really good with full of ideas and energy. Theresa was honestly a very good teammate because she went the extra mile. One of the investors said today “that the devil is detail” where i highly agree. One of my mentors always said “always have a eye on detail” thats why i had a deja vu moment at the end of the big event. Theresa basically the was the detailed person in this project. I was also greatful and thankful to have a well coordinated team. George came with full of ideas with his strong character that everyone likes. Zako worked along side with me in marketing. We used a app called “Slack” to communicate and conduct business. We also used our university email that helped us meet or setup meetings.

At the end of the presentation i felt good and also relieved lol!  It felt like weight came of my shoulder the moment we finished. I was also feeling happy to be honest. I basically became friends with one of the investors at the end of the night where we had a long conversation and had so much in common in business backgrounds and perspectives to say about everything. I would also like to thank the professors and everyone else who was involved in making this happen for us. Thanks guys for viewing my blogs i will make it more interesting for the future blogs because i never blogged before #Mace16 and im actually excited to blog more now where i learned blogging from this module also LOL. Merry christmas to our mace family, and everyone else.





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