Christmas party with #Mace16


First of all, time just flys by. I remember counting every single day of christmas with my choclate calendar on my wall when i was younger, but now we only have less then a week for christmas. The whole team plus our professor came by and we celebrated christmas with passion. I honestly had a very good time with #Mace full of laughter, enjoyment, and excitement. We also met #Mace15 alongside with us which was interesting.  We all went to central london food festival by the london eye.  They had food, music, and drinks so i cant complain lol. I love the feeling of christmas every year its full of joy and all about friends, and family. One thing about christmas is that i love the colorful lights displayed everywhere especially in oxford circus they are so beautiful. I hate the dark no light sceneries i hope many can agree on that. When i was a kid i was scared of the dark so i think thats a reason for me lol. Months flew so quick and i met so much great people along the way to our journey In design thinking where it was wonderful feeling. This week i was doing some design thinking on much electricity is being used in christmas and believe it or not its expensive. I thought of a way for all us to be more environmental friendly, and this is very cost efficient.

I done some research on figures of lights being used from december and how much they were paying more etc. and heres what i came with. If you are getting ready to put up Christmas lights, think twice before hanging the incandescent strands. Incandescent strands are type of lights where it uses more electricity, just in case somebody does not know what it meens. I have also posted a picture of it.image

While they are cheap to buy, the electricity to operate them is not. LEDs are more expensive, but a much lower impact on your monthly electric bill. If you reuse your holiday lights from year to year, LEDs are the ones.


There are ways to reduce energy consumption each season. Combine LED Christmas lights with the following to increase electricity savings:

Timers – Few Holiday goers are out and about at 2 am in the morning. Use a timer to control how long your lights are on.
Extension Cords – Instead of using light strings to add length to your display, utilize extension cords in less visible areas

Hope this helps guys and thanks for viewing my blogs, i will add more this week.

I wish everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a new year cant wait to see you guys back. #Mace16 #forever

Merry Christmas and a happy new year xx



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