Chop-Plus progression

Our group is really well structured. We have Zara in charge of being the company secretary and social media platform.

We have Teresa Reister in charge of writing the final paper for our Chop-Plus and management.

George Uka is in charge of head of finance

Zako Isse is in charge of orchestrating the trade fair events and anything that is in regards of marketing, and I’m in charge of promoting the product at events.

Teresa orchestrated the logo for our company’s name which is ”Chop-Plus” she knew a  person named ‘Charlie’ that came up with the design and colour. We really like the new look and design and we are looking forward to organising chop plus more and making a profit eventually. In todays lecture we had Young Enterprise that came and gave our cheque books but there was an error with that because we have not received our cheques last week so we had to cancel them. We had a few issues regarding questions like corporation tax and tax questions, but thanks to the lecturer’s, and Young Enterprise they went through it and instructed us what to do.  The main issue we have at the moment is not having our product ready. We have a big start next week from organising the fair we was told that we need some kind of attraction. Meaning we will offer snacks to potential customers. Dress code is another factor, we will colour coordinate with my fellow teammates and dress professionally. One issue I am having ”Personally” is that logging in Young Enterprise because I forgot my password due to changing it and know it wont let me access it because its blocked. I will wait until 24 hours if this issue is resolved automatically, if not I will contact a member of YE or my tutor to resolve it. The strategies I will use as a sales director will be mentioned throughout my next blog because I will have to work on it by myself progressively this week. I have a few strategies’ which one was issued by a member of YE with offering refreshments. That’s one down, I will summon more ideas. Thank you guys!!



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