The TradeFair Day

The tradefair has begun it was one of the best experience i had actually. Met alot of new people where it was just not a trade fair but also networking. We met incredible innovators, well spoken, very polite and friendly where i was quiet impressed. I was involved in taking surveys and questionaires from other people in regards of our product “Chop Plus”. Unfortunetly our product did not come on time but we have managed to get data from people which was very helpful and useful for our next stage of development. We got great feedback from customers in regards to improvements and what is missing. I also asked Alice our lecturer for some feedback which she was extremely generous in helping with our survey which helped us alot. I am also very happy and proud because one of the groups in our class Won the prize Namitha, Karim, Malay once again congratulations on their success. It was my first time in a trade fair, I been to business exhibitions before but i did not find it interesting like our Trade fair. I honestly enjoyed it. I thought we are going to have a long day because i had a lecture at 9am lol, but i had a really good time, and time just flew by. I really cant wait until our next trade fair. It was wonderful seeing our professors Janja, Yazid, and alice there, i also got good feedback from Yazid which i really appreciated his thoughts and opinions. My team George, Zako, Theresa put in alot of  effort also. George was our team leader their. Very focused he was giving me also advice and tips which helped me also. He is older then me and i respect the fact he shares his opinions and views in way where you respect It after and take it in consideration.

Quote the day:

You always learn from older people, it can be the right choices they made or the wrong choices, both ways you can take it as a lesson.     -Alex Sadat



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