Preparing for the next trade fair

The next trade fair is set on 8th February. I am actually really excited for it because i had a good time on the last trade fair. Currently we are focusing on actually getting the product but we are still having issues with it. We will have t-shirts, flyers and business cards at the fair momentarily. The team is working on social media networking and information in regards to it. The social media platform we are using is a Facebook page because i think it will help us raise awareness to the public and promote our product and what we are actually representing. Our target market is ‘International Students’.

As stated before not everyone can use chopsticks because most westerners etc are not used to it.It even took me a couple years to learn but i was luckily very young in experimenting oriental food so it was easy for me. For example for my parents or my grandma i am not sure if they would know how to use it LOL! I think our product would be useful for numerous of people who are beginners. There is no age limit also, im not saying baby’s can use it but anyone who could use a fork can also use ChopStick plus. I am trying to research another company in the UK who are product builders due to the difficulties we are having now with the previous one.

I have googled ”UK product design companies” and came with a few companies where i will give them a ring on Monday. Hopefully we should get a quote and to an agreement with the company. I am not sure what the timeframe will also be but as soon as possible where we are in a strict deadline. We have made headlines with my fellow team members. As seen in the images below me and George are trying to build a online reputation where twitter is heavily involved now. I was not highly active before in twitter but i am now and learning how to use it better productively with the team and on my own. Learning how to use it as a  marketing technique, we could also attract potential customers into our pages. The class of Design thinking is helping me learn these methods and i will be using twitter and Facebook for the future.


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