Tradefair Returns

Mace 16 has excited us with a different venue this time rather then having our tradefair at kingston university business school, but in kingston town center london. I have found this experience actually more exciting and fun then the other tradfair. The reason beneath this is that we communicated and met more people from all over london amd other places. We had different customers (target groups) where they asked about our product and were interested in chop plus product. I met alot of different people with all different age groups, cultures. I really loved meeting them and getting their opinions and views like the other groups who interviened with us. Unfortunetly we did not have the product with us at hand but marketing our product and bring awareness to the crowd could help us promote our product because of the recognition of “Chop Plus”being at the TradeFair. We did have business cards layed in the stalls for our booth which we place our product, or product information which that was our case. I actually have ran out of business cards which i gave it to potential customers who were seemingly interested because they never used chopsticks before. I passed around 25-30 cards so i was keen to explain to them the mechanism of Chop Plus and what its actually about. I learned alot about what we actually done and what needs to be done. I have tweeted about our tradefair in my twitter page @Alexsadatuk where a video is being shown. I do believe in learning curves or else i would not learned from mistakes,i can only better it and come to a better conclusion in different scenorios. What really mattered to me was i learned already and never forget what i done, opinions given to me i will take it as a advice and i respect everybodys opinions. This will also better me or other people in the group for the future. I like to the thank everybody who organised this joyful event and cant wait what happens next in our venture


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