Last presentation with dragons den

Our last dragons den presentation for choplus! We was really nervous at one point with our team when we went in but Overall we actually loved it at the end because we got good feedback from the judges and we presented it quiet well. I was covering marketing and was discussing our tradfairs we had in kingston town center and in kingston university business school alongside Spitefield. We was there for a long duration andconveyed with our product.  I really enjoyed the process the was taken place, We also had the judges test both of the products out and managed to find Chop Plus easier. Our practises for our pitch we rehearsed and put together with the team helped us stand out more at the end with our pitch. I have learned alot of curves and downfall but thats all normal and part of the cycle and society process. Einstein also failed many many times in order to get it a equation right and he got it right at the End!

I have experienced how it would be in the future if i was pitching for a job related scenorio or a business pitch with a VC etc. It helped me enable those paths which was fulfilled with design thinking course. It could not get any better, our professors, and dragons den judges were the best candidates chosen for, and thats not just because they were so friendly and nice but they all came from different backgrounds and different areas of expertise and thats where we their attention into the culture and public awareness of Chop Plus. Surprisngly how it went i got the understanding that they were interested in that market and they were keen to know more about it. People do loving expermenting different food and alot of people love far asian food. People like my dad or uncle do not know how to use a chopstick and i would purchase 2 for them and hopefully get a discount. The results and the usability of choplus was much easier and viable to use where sushi was taken and demonstrated. After our pitch one thing left me thinking that its the last pitch and day for design thinking.I had a wonderful time and journey with the whole classmates and activities that was taken place with design thinking. I wish the best for everyone in #mace


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