Alex’s journey with Mace to Silicon Valley!

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Alex journey to success has now turned into a real journey to Silicon Valley! There i have discovered another journey in design thinking and learning about innovative ideas, products, or services. We have visited placed such as:

Sales Force
Plug and Play
Institute of Technology
Valley Bank

They all started from the bottom in silicon valley and made it up utilizing help with all the investors (seed money), partners, resources being organised in that area. Their is a lot of people from different backgrounds and countries who make it happen. I like the fact that race did not play a role in those organisations because they are all foreign such as google founder ” Sergei being from russia. I think Its really awesome getting everyone together. We started our journey with our classmates in Sanfrancisco where we all stayed in a hotel called “villa florence” it was in union square where its like the “downtown” of that area. It was nice during the day but I’m afraid to say that its very extreme and rough during the night. Overall my experience was very good because i explored a new area where i have never been before. As a classmate we all explored Alcatraz Island where the history was really interesting. We went to institute of technology where i have attached pictures of the museum of technology. It was full of innovate ideas and designs from where the first apple computer was and how they started. It was the whole history where it shows how they were innovative at those times until the current situation of the companies like Apple or gameboy.
It also has the first gameboy and all the rest of gameboys. It shows how they were innovative as in coming up with more products such as gameboy colour, gameboy pocket etc.

Im glad the university has organised this trip for our masters course because it opened up my boundaries and have learned a lot during visiting the companies and the different views they had and work ethics. Another benefit the course has given us was networking. We had met all different types of companies and aspects on how they orchestrate their business and has mentored us in a way. I met alot of new friendly people also, and I loved visiting Reddit because we met the co-founder of the company named Alexis and its really cool meeting someone like that in that position where you actually get mentored in how you can make it happen with genuine words given by him. We had a bus driver named Mike who we became friends with our journey. He toured us around palo Alto and silicon valley, Sanfrancisco to different organisations. I would like to thank Dr Yazid Abdullahi he was not only our professor but im very honoured to say he is a friend. As a classmate and Mace, we all came more close together and actually were quiet sad that our lectures and trip was coming to an end, but we have formed a whatsapp group and facebook group where where we all share pictures and moments of our journey and always keep in touch with everyone in our class including our professors.


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