My first real Pitch in silicon valley bank

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageWe had a meeting with the managing director Barry O’Brien in Silicon Valley Bank california with our class. We enjoyed our chat and meeting with Barry and i managed to get free time with him so i can pitch my start up idea with him. At the end of my pitch he gave me his card and said you would first need intellectual property patent design licensing which stops other companys from just taking my idea and copying everything im doing. Once i have obtained the right licensing requirments he told me to call him and discuss further. From my view i think it went well and it was a wonderful experience as it was my first real pitch with a company which was worth more then 17 billion dollars.

To obtain funding or investment?
launching a new product requires 100% investment there are numerous ways to obtain funding for your project to help move it forward. Some of these methods are outlined below:
* Venture Capitalists / Angel Investors where i pitched to Barry O’Brien and i was so happy that i had the opportunity to do so.

For My startup to work, Before choosing which is the right path for me to commercialise the idea, it is important to show how much i have invested in my project itself, to professionally develop the idea. This is why protecting and designing the product are so important, prior to marketing. I have learned how important it is to prioritise certain goals and objectives before persuading angels which one licensing is very important. This means nobody can copy my product and its my innovative idea, i did not know this before and i have learned this from that experience.


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